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Who does not know it, the fashion jewelery? Fashion jewelry is versatile and inexpensive. But what exactly is fashion jewelry? Fashion jewelry is a Fashio accessory, to round off an outfit, to underline a style. It is not the main ingredient of an outfit, but it is still an important part. Although genuine jewelery is more durable and usually also more noble, however, we can usually not afford to buy any matching genuine jewelery. This does not mean that we do not have real jewelery, on the contrary, we love it and often carry it on special occasions. Fashion jewelry should decorate us fashionably.

There is a giant selection of fashion jewelry on the Internet. From cheap (partly cheap) to sinful expensive, everything is there. It depends on the intended use and on what you want to express. Whether you need jewelry Earrings the 200, - Euro cost, everyone must decide for themselves. The biggest share of fashion jewelry, often from the production of the custom, comes from Asia today. But not everything that is cheap is good. Often you get only for the small money only junk, which looks like a chewing gum machine and the danger to see the same jewelry at the colleague is quite high. We manufacture the majority of the jewelery we offer in our studio. Since we are not machines, we do not manufacture custom-made goods. Handmade is therefore only available in small quantities. That has also something positive, measure for little money there is more than enough. When purchasing our material, we make sure that the materials we use, which come into direct contact with the skin, are free of hazardous or harmful substances.

However, the following applies to all jewelery:
Please do not wear it permanently. Above all, the jewelery for bathing, showering, saunagang and before sports activities should be stored and not be left open or in damp rooms, then you also have a lot of pleasure for fashion jewelry. Moisture, perspiration, soap, deodorant and perfume can set a chemical reaction in motion and cause the jewelry to start, become discolored and, in the worst case, even rust. But also real jewelery you should not wear permanently and also this should always be for bathing / showering, swimming etc. or before the sport filed.

Create jewelry yourself.
DIY. Do it yourself. Making jewelery by yourself is today a children's game. We provide you with all the materials you need. The only thing you can not order from us is an idea and a bit of a finger. But you can of course find many suggestions in our jewelry categories and try it yourself.

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